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For all questions concerning babysitting, both from the parents' or the babysitter's perspective. For example, how to choose a trustworthy babysitter, how much to pay, or how to deal with children as their babysitter.

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What is considered to be a safe age to be a babysitter?

One option for a babysitter is finding an older child (teenager) in your neighbourhood. The benefits are obvious (you get to know the family, so there's more trust). But is it truly safe to leave ...
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What do we do if our children don't like the nanny?

So I just came back to work after a long discussion with our 4-year-old. He complains (more to the effect, he had a meltdown) that he doesn't like our nanny, and would prefer to have our neighbour ...
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What factors should you consider when deciding how much to pay a babysitter?

What factors do you consider when deciding how much to pay a babysitter per hour? The time of day, meals, duration, travel, etc.?
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What is a healthy, ethical way to deal with a nanny cam?

I know how silly it sounds, but it makes me feel better: I'm asking for a friend. (We've decided we don't need one, as our nanny appears to be far more capable than we - it might make more sense for ...
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What can we do to monitor and evaluate how a babysitter is doing?

Is it appropriate to install recording or other monitoring devices? Should the babysitter know about them?
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What are some good places to find trustworthy babysitters?

Our children are 3 and 10 months, and we're thinking about finding a regular babysitter so that we can get out of the house a little more often. In the past we've relied on nearby family, a high ...
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What are the pros and cons of using a nanny-cam?

We are seriously thinking of hiring a nanny, as my wife wishes to hold on to her job in these tough times. I have seen what are called, "nanny-cams", that help us monitor the nanny at home. A video on ...
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