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A disease affecting the intake of oxygen through the lungs.

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What can I tell and what can I ask of a 2nd grade teacher, about my child's health?

My son is 6 and in second grade. In general he is quite healthy, but he has illness induced asthma. In other words, his asthma is essentially dormant unless he gets a cold or the flu, at which point ...
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Friend believes chemtrails are triggering her son's asthma

A friend of mine is convinced that chemtrails are a primary cause of her son's asthma. This is a conspiracy theory that asserts governments are intentionally spraying chemicals out of airplanes for ...
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What if my child has asthma?

I wanted to know what exactly asthma is? What are some of the triggers that could bring on the symptoms for my child?
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Could cold/flu-induced asthma lead to other triggers later in life? [closed]

My 15-month-old is currently going through her second bout of a cold-induced asthma. It's relatively minor as this time my wife and I are better prepared - the first time did require a trip to the ...
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How can we prepare a pre-schooler to manage his asthma?

Given: a 5 year old kid with what is believed to be false spasmodic croup. Once in several months he experiences a sudden asthmatic fit in the middle of the night - specifically he has a mild spasm in ...
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What are some good natural remedies for asthma in children?

I'm particularly looking for remedies that would be safe for children between 1 and 5 years old.
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Why would a child hold his breath regularly?

My 3 yo holds his breath throughout the day. He'll breathe in (short), hold it for 3-7 seconds, then breathe out (short) and repeat that frequently. He does this when he's awake, but probably not ...
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