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What are some strategies for raising a bilingual child?

We are planning on raising our child bi-lingual. The plan is for my husband to only speak English to her and I would only speak Tagalog (a dialect of the Philippines). I have asked my parents to also ...
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How do you handle bilingual education in a country where you do not speak the language natively?

Our 2 year old son is growing up in a different country (New Zealand) than we did (Brazil). We try to speak to him in portuguese all times, and we noticed that he is learning english reasonably well ...
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Will getting child care from a non-native English speaker impact my child's language development?

My wife and I really like a neighborhood day care we recently checked out. The place seems very nice and the care providers seem to do a very good job. They are organized, appear to give a lot of ...
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How can we improve a trilingual toddler's basic language development?

Bilingual and trilingual kids have a slower language development than others, so this is probably quite normal, but our 14 month old daughter talks a lot but doesn't use any words, not even for mum ...
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Should I stop teaching my toddler a second language if his exposure to it will be limited?

I have stared to talk exclusively in English to my son when he was less than 6 months old. However, we have decided not to move to an English speaking country, so I ended up practically alone. It's ...
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Reading in second language for a bilingual kid - how to approach a phonetic language vs. English phonics?

My kid goes to English public kindergarten and learns there to read and write in English. We live in USA. At home we speak Czech and Czech words are read as written with different phonetics. How long ...
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What television shows could I show my toddlers to encourage multilingual learning?

I have been brought up in a multi-lingual environment and I consider it essential to raise my children the same way. I have done so by buying English, German, Dutch and French books. My idea is that ...
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Does teaching your child sign language improve his emotional health?

We're expecting our first child and trying to make decisions about what parenting trends to follow. I've been reading about teaching sign language to babies. It seems like the jury is out on whether ...
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How do I encourage my toddler to work on his spoken language?

Our 15 month old has yet to speak any words. He seems to hear well enough, and will, when it suits him, listen to us when we ask things of him ("go get your ball!", etc). He's engaged with the world ...
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Are there any studies about whether learning to read in two languages is slower?

I don't know the details of any studies, but I think the general consensus these days is that bringing up children multilingual from the start is a positive thing to do, even if it can slightly delay ...
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