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How do you handle bilingual education in a country where you do not speak the language natively?

Our 2 year old son is growing up in a different country (New Zealand) than we did (Brazil). We try to speak to him in portuguese all times, and we noticed that he is learning english reasonably well ...
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Raising a bilingual child when one parent knows both languages while the other doesn't

I am in the USA, originally from India, and my wife is American. My native language is Hindi. My wife knows only a little bit of Hindi. It hasn't been a problem because we usually talk in English ...
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Would it be bad to only speak to a child in a language in which you are not completely fluent?

My husband and I can speak daily conversational Mandarin, probably at the fluency and vocabulary of a native 3rd grade speaker. So decent, but not great. We speak 99% of the time in Mandarin to our ...
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How do we raise our child with three languages?

My wife is Italian, I am Swedish. Between us we speak English, neither one of us knows the other language. We are currently living in Sweden and will do so for a while. The baby will be born in May. ...
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Is 3 years old too late to start learning a 2nd language natively?

I'm English and my wife is Portuguese and we are living in Portugal. I'm bilingual in Portuguese and my wife and I have always spoken Portuguese together. When my son was born, I found it somewhat ...
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How to teach a child a foreign language at home when both parents aren't native speakers of a different language?

Kid's age is currently 6 months. Country: India I can write English well but am not fluent when it comes to speaking. I don;t have any native English speakers around me. What are my other options of ...
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Should you talk your toddler only in one language when you are multilingual yourself?

Our toddler is raised in a multilingual environment. I speak only one natively. However, I find awkward and unnatural to speak just one language to him from the argument that this will confuse him. ...
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At what age is it appropriate to start to teach a foreign language / second language - and how to do it?

We are a Brazilian family in Brazil and therefore we speak Portuguese. I can speak English reasonably well but my wife is just learning it now. We want our 9 months old son to learn English, too. ...
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Is the Rosetta software a good tool for teaching a toddler foreign languages?

I have the full version of the Rosetta cd with many languages. I understand that young children absorb information like a sponge - so if I wanted to teach my daughter languages which I do not know, ...
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Moving with our bilingual child

We are two German parents and we are living in an English speaking country. With our child - who just turned three - we speak German, whereas all other people (our friends, his friends, the kids in ...
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Raising our daughter to be bilingual without one-parent-one-language

I've been through a lot of answers here on raising bilingual children, and the general consensus seems to be (1) each parent speaks their language to the child ('one parent - one language') and (2) ...
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Are there any studies about whether learning to read in two languages is slower?

I don't know the details of any studies, but I think the general consensus these days is that bringing up children multilingual from the start is a positive thing to do, even if it can slightly delay ...
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Raising a bilingual kid in monolingual community

I speak to my kid in 2 different languages at one time now . I used to speak to him only English and his mom our native language for 2years now but seems it didn't work so I decided to communicate the ...
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What milestones should we be aware of when planning for our child? [closed]

I want to get an idea of the big picture timeline that we should be prepared for, especially over the early, pre-nursery years. For example, when should we expect teething, when should we arrange ...
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