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How do I get my 6-month-old to sleep better at night?

So our 6-month-old boy still doesn't sleep through the night. He still wakes up at least once and wants to eat. He takes 3 naps during the day, ranging from 30 minutes to 1.5 (sometimes 2) hours. We ...
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How to calm a toddler before bedtime?

I don't know about older children, but toddlers often get more agitated as they get more tired and by the time they are in bed it can take a while before they actually sleep. I often read that taking ...
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Should we discourage our toddler from taking sippy cups to bed?

Our 2 year old toddler has become quite attached to taking his sippy cup of milk to bed with him at bedtime. We're concerned this will cause .. issues .. down the road with toilet training and ...
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Getting a 2-year-old back to sleep in the middle of the night

We have always had trouble with our little boy not sleeping through the night. He will do it in spells (every night for a week, then not at all for a fortnight). But he has recently developed a ...
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How can I get my 12-month baby to sleep in her bed?

My 12-month baby doesn't want to fall asleep in her own bed. We could do it in her rocking cot, but now it's too small, and currently we get her to sleep outside of bed, but every time she wakes up ...
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How should I wake up my 4-year-old in the morning?

My 4-year-old is like I am: she hates to wake up. I completely empathize with her, and I have horrible memories of screaming battles with my parents waking me up for school. How should I go about ...
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Toddler does not want to fall asleep

My 2½ year old son does not want to sleep, regardless how tired he is. He will do anything and everything he can think of, just to avoid falling asleep. It usually takes 1-1½ hours (sometimes even ...
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Why is my 3 month old waking up 10+ times a night?

My 3 month old went from starting on a good sleep trajectory (a five hour and 3 hour stretch at 8 weeks regularly) to waking between every 15 minutes and every 2 hours. What I'm trying to figure out ...
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When upgrading our toddler from a cot to a bed, how do we keep him in his bed?

We want to convert our son's cot into a bed this weekend (starting Friday evening). We think it's time to transition because he often tries to climb out (but fails yet), and during daytime playing he ...
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Nightowl at 5 years old. Any way of dealing with it?

My son is 5 and a typical night-owl he becomes pretty active when sun goes down. This is all well and good but when we put him to bed we can hear him play until at least 11 pm. That wouldn't worry ...
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What home-safety aspects should new parents consider?

There are very many products available that claim to help make a home safer for baby. I'd like a list, based on some kind of evidence, for which of these products are more important. For example, in ...
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How should you help your baby learn to sleep without being rocked to sleep?

My newborn daughter has a strong need to be held and rocked to sleep. In this answer, Dan notes that it is important to help your child learn how to fall asleep without being rocked to sleep. At what ...
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Son has stopped his normal bedtime

My son will be 2 in a few weeks. For about 90% of what goes on in his life, he's had a really good schedule that Mama has laid down and enforced quite well. His normal bedtime has always started at 7:...
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