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Is it detrimental for my infant to be in front of the television set? [duplicate]

My baby girl is 3 months old and always wants to be held sitting up. as such, she is often in view of my television. I try not to let her fixate on it too much because I feel that it is a lot going on ...
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Is it too dangerous for my 2-year-old son to watch YouTube on the iPad for hours?

There are a few questions about the iPad, but I am interested in knowing if such a habit has bad impacts on my son. He watches YouTube for hours and hours. I can't deny that he has learned some good ...
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At what age should a child be introduced to the Television?

At what age should a child be introduced to the TV?
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How can I keep a 14 month old busy at some activity for longer than 3 minutes

Our boy loses interest in any activity - playing with toys /playing with us/mock singing/you-name-it very soon The only exception is watching TV (which can go on for 30 minutes uninterrupted) and he ...
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What harm is porn?

It is generally accepted that porn shouldn't be seen by children, and we even sometimes punish parents who fail to stop their children from finding porn. What is the justification? The only "damage" ...
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Does it hurt my baby (developmentally) if she watches while I'm on the computer?

I have a 6 month old who likes to stare at my glowing computer while I code or browse the internet. Most of what I view is text or static web pages, so it's not content I'm worried about her viewing, ...
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What exactly is the problem with the Television?

I know it is recommended that kids not watch TV till they are at least two years old, and even then that TV viewing be pretty minimal. However, I wonder what are the actual detriments to kids older ...
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Amount of screen time appropriate for a baby?

My husband and I are determined to keep our daughter's exposure to electronic devices/screens as little as possible. She is almost ten months old and we only entertain her with physical toys, physical ...
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Can my 18 months old boy learn from watching movies?

Everyday, my 18 months old boy is always asking to watch a movie by coming to my laptop and requesting to watch movie by talking with his baby talk style. I have a good serial cartoon movies for him. ...
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Limiting screentime, does it increase craving and addiction risk?

Edit: This question is specifically about screentime limits and cravings, there is no duplicate. We have been limiting screentime for our son for several years now. I am questioning if this is the ...
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Sitting with my 5 month old as I work on the computer...harmful for my baby? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does it hurt my baby (developmentally) if she watches while I'm on the computer? Sometimes I need to work while I'm caring for the baby. Sometimes she'll be content in a ...
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