I know, I'm a terrible dad but sometimes I have to plop the kid in front of the TV. Are some shows better than others in terms of positive role models for girls, lack of violence, and learning? She currently loves Kipper, wiggles, blues clues, and dora.

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    Impossible to answer what is 'best'. In general, TV isn't great for 3 year olds, but it sounds like you're plopping her in front of Nickelodeon and PBS Kids, and that seems as good as any.
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    Rather than asking for specific TV shows, this question would be better phrased along the lines of "what factors make tv shows suitable for 3-year-olds?" Could you rephrase your question this way? Commented Jun 20, 2013 at 9:09

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Did you already check out the other questions tagged with television? Notable examples are (in no particular order):

Generally speaking, toddlers should not watch a lot of TV, and not in long blocks of time, and certainly not too much action (bad: Tom&Jerry -- better: Barbapapa, Bob the Builder). I would really recommend something that is slow-paced, something that can be enjoyed in small chunks of time, and something you can stand hearing repeated a hundred times over.

I would personally limit it to 15-minute sessions, maybe 2 or 3 times per day if you must, but I know I'm relatively conservative with these numbers. My toddler is happy with a single episode of Barbapapa, but the upbeat Pink Panther cartoons demand two or three episodes.

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I found Dora the Explorer was good, as it seemlessly introduced the concept of multiple languages. But you already have that one.

If you can pre-vet them, try nature programs too. Our girl (now 8) is a huge fan of David Attenborough.

  • I second nature programs, especially documentaries with no human but plenty of animals, it's fascinating for toddlers. But I wanted to mention the 64 Zoo Lane series, which I (and our daughter) find of great value. It's fun, slow-paced, the drawing is cool and easy to get, and subtly educational on how to behave. Commented Oct 27, 2013 at 21:26

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