Yesterday for some reason I was quite depressed and frightened at night. For the first time I felt the baby kicking all night in my womb (6th month).

Well, that can be a coincidence.

Anyways, does the baby in the womb get effected by the mental state of the mother? In what way if yes?

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Beyond depression or fear, there is evidence that a wide variety of emotions can be chemically sent to the fetus. according to an article on Psychology Science

Also, at least one source appears to suggest that consistency is important, in that large changes to mood may slow mental and motor skills.


When you are stressed, you release hormones such as cortisol into your blood, as well as into the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby, according to at least one study. That said, while I haven't read it I know the book Origins reviewed the evidence and found that some stress seems to have a positive impact.

So your child in utero does indeed have some level of understanding of your mental state, but the details seem to be quite complicated and only roughly understood.


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