It started happening at night which we assumed to be night terrors, but now he’s waking up after short naps in the car. He’s inconsolable and any efforts to comfort him are forcibly rejected. Just wondering g if night terrors can happen during naps? I say during, because in these episodes it always ends within him crying for several minutes then finding his way back to sleep when the attempts to comfort him fail.

  • I'm wondering if you have noticed his breathing right before one of these events? It would be unusual, but sleep apnea can happen to kids, and cause terrifying nightmares.
    – Cecilia
    May 11 at 1:22
  • Sounds like it. It usually happens at a set amount of time after falling asleep, so it can happen during a nap. Not a duplicate, but does this help? parenting.stackexchange.com/q/18204/9327
    – anongoodnurse
    May 11 at 20:36


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