My 3years old daughter, who is very talkative at home but silent when we meet others and at school. She has been going to playschool from 18 months old but hasn’t spoke with her teachers atleast once. She play and talk with her friends. Enjoy going to school but doesn’t talk to teachers and elders. She speaks well with her grandparents , Aunty and uncles but not with new people . Seriously need help on this,

  • Hi, welcome to Parenting! Have you talked to your pediatrician or perhaps a speech therapist? While it’s great that she can talk to others her age and at home, if she doesn’t talk at all to the other adults it’s certainly something that should he brought to the pediatrician’s attention.
    – Joe
    Mar 23 at 3:42
  • Is she just responding verbally to them, or is she ignoring them entirely? If you are with her and encourage her, is she doing better? Is she willing to talk to you while unknown adults are part of the conversation?
    – Arno
    Mar 23 at 10:03
  • Is there any Family Daycare (small groups of about 3 children per adult) where you live? In France e.g. there is training and subsidies. Also, have you observed her school? This can give you a clue into e.g. difficult acoustics, large number of people in a room -- some children are more sensitive to this. It doesn't necessarily mean something's wrong with them. If you want your child to stay in this setting, it might help to (a) clue a teacher in on her favorite toys, books and actitivies, (b) visit the playground on the weekend, (c) notice the popular toys and get a couple for home use. Mar 23 at 18:52


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