I was searching for this video for the last 3 years.

In it a salesperson refuses to sell a tablet to the parents of a 5 year old saying that they can come back in 7 years and 12 years is the appropriate age.

What studies are there on electronics' use (age of introduction) relationships with addiction and socialization (abstinence from socialization); how to interpret those studies as a parent is there an appropriate age (a minimum tolerable or advisable age of introduction to the use of electronics) to introduce the kids to electronics?

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That 12 year age would not have been intended as a "no electronics in the house", but more to stop the child having the tablet as their core focus, as that can lead to lack of developmental stimulus. We have various posts on the issues with leaving a toddler or small child unattended in front of a TV or tablet.

But that doesn't mean they should have no access to electronics - especially as the modern world is electronics-based. I would definitely encourage familiarity with electronics well before this 12 years limit. Applications like Facebook restrict usage to those aged 13 and over, but working with children to help them understand online usage, as well as risks and dangers well before that age can help to protect them.

And it can open up interest in career paths in computing, electronics, infosec, etc. See this question about electronics projects for 5 year olds

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