I love my mom and I'm always ready to help her with anything. Now, I'm living with my wife in another house and we have a lot of work, but I'm still ready to make some renovations for my mom, when she need it. Unfortunately, I feel that my mom wants more and more renovations, so my family time with my wife is very limited. I spend weekends and sometimes also evenings after work in weekdays in my mom house helping repair something or paint some wall etc. I don't want to leave my mom alone (she is a widow), but I also don't want to hurt my loving wife. Now my mom asked me to make a big renovation, which take me about week hard work all day. I know this is important renovation not just nice-to-have, because it prevents some big destructions.

My idea was to take unpaid leave for a week and help my mom, but this time asking her to pay me. But to be honest I don't feel good with that... She gave me life and raised me up and I feel like I owe her that. I don't want to be ungrateful. So I would like to ask you, is it okay to take money from my mom for renovation? Or have you any other ideas what could I do in my situation?

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    I’m voting to close this question because this is about (adult) interpersonal relations,. and is a better fit for Interpersonal Skills. Please consider flagging for migration. Thanks! – Joe Jul 22 at 14:46
  • You may be right, maybe it's connect with some savoir vivre rules more than parenting... I just found similar question here, so I thought maybe I can get some advise here, from parents all around world – Kida Jul 23 at 5:57
  • Hey @Joe IPS mod here... Our site doesn't take questions that ask us whether something is okay or not to do, and neither does it take questions that ask us 'what should I do'. So maybe next time, please first familiarize yourself with the scope of the site before making similar suggestions again? Our help/on-topic page would be a good place to start :) – Tinkeringbell Jul 27 at 11:25
  • @Tinkeringbell Okay, I understand, thank you for your advise. Could you please explain me just in what point my question is worse than this one? Because as I see, it's well received, so I would like to know, where exactly I made mistake... There are questions like "should I" or "is it wrong", too, so I just don't get it. – Kida Jul 27 at 13:01
  • Hey Kida! I don't personally use this parenting site much, not enough to give a definitive answer to that question. My best guess would be that the author of that other question mentions still going to school, which means they'd probably be much younger, much more like a kid, than someone that already lives on their own with their wife. But if you want to know for sure, you're probably going to have to ask on Parenting Meta. – Tinkeringbell Jul 27 at 13:17

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