My child does not seem to understand anything you say to him. He is 21 months old and doesn't seem to even understand when you call his own name. He doesn't appear to have any hearing problems. He seems to only have one sound he makes. He doesn’t look when I point nor does he point at anything. Sometimes he seems to stare off into nothing. Up until about 13 months, he seemed to be able to communicate and had said words like mama and dada and would smile in response to stimulation but that has all stopped. He doesn’t seem to understand how to play with toys either. Why did he lose these abilities and what should I do to help him? He’s had hearing tests and the doctor said he is hearing. Now they want to sedate him to see if he is processing what he hears. I don’t know where to turn.

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    You REALLY should see a medical professional about this and NOT taking random advise from strangers on the Internet. Sooner would be better than later. – Hilmar Feb 26 at 7:19
  • OP is seeing a medical professional. But with that said, I agree with Hilmar. I'm sorry for your distress, but this is strictly within the medical realm and as such out of scope for this forum. – dxh Feb 26 at 8:16
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    Maybe you shoud see another medical professional to get a second opinion. But this site isn't a good fit to answer your questions. – Jan Niklas Fingerle Feb 26 at 8:41
  • Even though doctors know way more about illnesses than the average parent here, they will from time to time encounter patients where they can't pinpoint (immediately) what is wrong. Your child appears to be just such a patient and the tests suggested by the doctor are a step in trying to give an answer to exactly what you asked here. Also, if you have doubts about your current doctor, don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion from another doctor. – Bart van Ingen Schenau Feb 26 at 13:41