My baby has started standing in the crib since about a week, while holding on the edges. He looks fairly stable most of the time, and occasionally "drunken". His head and arms come out above the crib edges.

The problematic part is sitting back down, which at the moment is basically free falling back on the butt. A potential accident waiting to happen is hitting the edge with the chin while "sitting back" or through a misstep. It looks pretty dangerous and scary.

Are there any ideas on how to minimize the risk of a serious injury happening here? I thought about wraping the top of the edges with something cushiony, but it would not really prevent something like biting the tongue if he hits the chin (already has 4 teeth top and bottom).

  • An infant's head is the single heaviest body part (25% of its weight at birth), and that - due to center of gravity factors - determines a lot with regard to how it falls, as do reflex actions. The scenario you describe is highly unlikely. Normal babies standing on their own tend to "fall safely", being hardwired to do so. (This excludes sibling-induced or other kinds of falls.) Give a child 5 years and a chin laceration is extremely common. While I've seen hundreds of chin lacerations, I've never seen a laceration (tongue or other) in a baby. Aug 4 '20 at 3:41

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