My husband and I are petitioning for guardianship over our nephew. His mother (my husband's sister) is not stable. She has issues with mental health and has had problems with addiction for many years. Sadly our nephew has experienced and seen more than any child should see. Additionally, he has an underlying health condition that requires a lot of medical attention.

I'm wondering if parents/guardians of pre-teens or of children who have experienced emotional trauma could provide some advice on things I should do to prepare or helpful resources I should read/look into. We will of course be providing safety, security, and a loving home. Aside from keeping on top of his medical care and schooling, I will be advocating for ongoing counseling and I'm prepared to find him tutors, after school programs, and the like. But are there other resources that would be helpful for us as guardians? Note, we have a toddler so having a preteen will be new for us.

  • Hi! Welcome to the site. I think this question is sufficiently scoped to fit this site, but it's a bit on the border of too broad for some people I think. You might want to tighten it up just a little - see the faq and the help center for a bit more on what questions fit here best. Like I said, I think it's okay as is, but a tighter question will get better and more specific answers. Thanks, and welcome! – Joe Jul 12 '20 at 16:26
  • @Joe Thanks for the feedback and links. I will try to tighten this up a bit and see if that helps. – Afrodeezy Jul 13 '20 at 15:27

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