My twin daughters are 13 month old now, walking on their own. They're having 2 daytime naps now, always in a stroller outside.

I want to take them out on a bike trip, but had not found a bike trailer that would be comfortable for a daytime sleeping, so that I can plan for more than 4-hour trip.

I've looked online at ones that state to have reclining seats, such as Thuley Chariot Cross, Burleys, TFK Joggster Velo - the reclined angle seems quite steep for comfortable sleeping.

Our travel stroller is quite light at 8 kg, so not inconceivable to strap it onto a trailer, but it would be quite cumbersome, and not sure it would fit in the trunk along with bike trailer.


I had one by Trek - and the internal straps held my daughter as one son rolled the trailer by taking the bend too fast.

She thought that was so much fun - I was not quite so excited...

The seating (bucket style, as it was built into the frame) was fixed and they would all sleep in it no problem.

That trailer was light and foldable, with 12 or 14” inch wheels.

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