A few hours ago I was holding my 8 day son in my arms and swinging him to let him sleep. I noticed it was helping him close his eyes so I did a quite fast swing (for just 1 second) and he almost immediately fell asleep (but woke up 10 min later).

I'm now extremely worried. It's been 5 hours now. The baby seems to be fine (eats and sleeps and was awake for ~2 hours) but I'm worried I might have hurt him.

Is there a probability I might have hurt him? If something has happened to him, how and when will it show up?

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    Hi Hossein, welcome to the site. We can't answer whether you harmed your baby or not, unfortunately, as we aren't doctors (for the most part) and aren't there with your baby in any event. If you're unsure about whether your baby is okay, please call your pediatrician; they're there for that purpose, and are happy to take your call at any time of day and answer your questions of this nature. Otherwise, welcome to the site! – Joe Mar 22 '20 at 23:14

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