I like to take my 5 Month old grandson on long walks in his stroller, twice a day for about 2 hours.

Is this too long for a baby to sit in a stroller every day? He‘s asleep most of the time.

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    Hi John, welcome to the site. Can you mention what kind of stroller you are using? Is it a stroller with a car-seat clicked in, or a traditional forward-facing non-reclining stroller, or a flat pram-type stroller, or something else? In particular, which direction does the baby face, and does he fully recline, sit up partially, or fully sit up? Thanks! – Joe Feb 7 at 20:55
  • Hi! I've closed this for now, as it needs additional information to answer. Once you've edited to include more information, it can be re-opened. Thanks! – Joe Feb 10 at 19:15

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