My grandson is three months old and is cooing/making noises ALL the time, except when he is crying and sleeping, of course. Does that have any correlation to talking? Meaning, are there statistics that state that he will talk real words early on?

  • +1 what an interesting question! My own experience was that my 2nd child made more vocalizations & earlier than my first child (who ended up needing speech therapy bc his speech was delayed) and my 3rd was about even with my 2nd. Both 2 & 3 started using words around the same age. I always attributed it to having an older sibling to mimic. Then, my 4th child was quieter, and spoke later than 2 & 3, almost to the point of concern, but now is an incessant chatterbox. So, now, I’m not so sure it’s all sibling exposure like I thought. – Jax Dec 8 '19 at 23:23
  • I love this question, but can't find any good sources on the matter. (Holding out hope that it exists and someone with more relevant experience will find it!) – Meg Dec 9 '19 at 16:54

No. My daughter cooed a lot but didn't start talking until she was more than 1.5 yr. She could repeat sounds that we were making before that, but she didn't really start using them on her own until 1.5 yr.

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