My parents have always had really high expectations for me, ever since I was young. They speak as if our family is better than other families and that I need to have high expectations for others and if they don't meet them, then they are not worthy.

I am also the oldest in my family, my dad had an older brother that was 9 years apart, my mom was the second oldest. They constantly use the phrase that "I didn't do that at your age," especially about dating. I feel like I can't say anything to them about my friends that I didn't go to elementary school with, as I went to a small Catholic school where parents knew each other and their kids. I am a social person and love talking to people, especially when they appreciate me. I feel like whenever I'm home I just get yelled at for dumb things that other kids are allowed to do. Whenever i say "so and so can do it" they say "well its a good thing we didn't raise you to be like them," which is valid, but they compare me to them when they were younger so why can't I compare?

I just don't know what to do because I feel like I can't do anything right, and I am doing decent in sports and school, but I just get yelled at at home. I now overthink everything because I just want to be able to have fun in high school and I think of ways to have fun without my parents knowing or restricting... I can't go to people who my parents don't know's house, my boyfriends house, my parents don't trust my own judgement.

I just got in big trouble for being on my phone when I was driving and my parents are telling me that I can't see my phone for 2+ weeks, completely grounded for 2+ weeks, and I have to pay insurance for the car, but im in sports and dont have time to work. I dont know what to do and im so done with my parents... Help please what do i do? I really don't want to quit sports to work more to get money for more freedom and to buy my own stuff but it might come down to it.

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