My 20 month old doesn't respond to commands. He doesn't talk yet. He is not responding to his name.

Hearing problem? But, he responds and looks at me when I sing any of his rhymes. Wherever he is he will run towards drawing room when I play nursery rhymes on TV

Does he point at things he wants? No, but he brings to me or try to bring whatever he wants. For ex. He brings his empty tumbler when he is thirsty. He pulls my pants and take me to main door if he want to go out. Or pulls his mom to bed room when he want mother feed.

If the things are out of his reach, he will try to climb or just look at it and groans.

He doesn't want to make eye contact except when I'm singing his rhymes.

He use to say mumma and papa and He used to follow commands at 12months, like he moved his body when I asked him to dance or waved when said bye, but now he is not showing interest or he doesn't understand. Not sure what went wrong. Can someone please help?

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    The only acceptable answer here is to make an appointment with a pediatrician for a complete evaluation, and if the answer isn't convincing, get a second opinion. Loss of milestones is a very serious business. It could be medical, psychological, or neurological, but it is not within the realm of this site to guess at "what went wrong". Get help from a professional or two. – anongoodnurse Nov 30 '19 at 2:27

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