This may be related to this question, but I'd like a bit more advise on how to deal with delayed #2 training and pre-school.

Our son just turned 4, and he seems unable to recognize that he needs to go #2. There are no problems with #1. When we put him on a potty he does nothing, says that he doesn't need to go, and soon does it into his pants.

Question 1: how can we help him train?

The pediatrician at one point suggested to have him wear underwear instead of pull-ups at all times; I am not sure he's right because that didn't help at all in the last few months and created lots of problems. One of the problem is that his pre-school is refusing to admit him unless he wears pull-ups, siting additional work for the teachers and disruption of routine. If we comply he would feel awkward because all other kids in his group are trained and wear underwear.

Question 2: In your opinion, should the kid wear pull-ups until fully trained? Is the pediatrician right or pull-ups make no difference?

Question 3: Is the pre-school demand reasonable, even though it contradicts the pediatrician's recommendations?

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