Our 3 year old's bedroom is facing a street that has some low degree of traffic at night. There is a bus stop right under the window (we live on the 2nd floor), with buses going every 10 minutes until midnight and starting again around 5.30 am. Occasionally on Saturday nights some motorcycles would cause higher noise.

She moved to her own room about a year ago, and sleeps alone. We have never noticed that any of the car noise outside would disturb her sleep. We are nevertheless wondering if it can have any impact on the quality of her sleep in some ways that are not directly apparent. Does anyone know of any studies (on either children or adults) on this topic?

(Note: our own bedroom is on the opposite side of the apartment facing an inner garden, totally quiet. We cannot easily swap them because of their different sizes).

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    I can only state anecdotally, I grew up sleeping in a room by a very busy road intersection and I got used to it so it never really bothered me. When I had sleepovers and my friends came to stay, they always struggled to sleep with the noise. So your daughter probably is already adjusted to it. – Stacey Oct 4 at 15:04
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    I grew up with the noise of cows in the field - amount of noise changes with the season... One becomes accustomed to “usual” noises... We used to put the kids down for a nap midday and then pass the vacuum cleaner - they soon slept through that... We found it quite funny to visit friends who had to go “submarine silent” to not wake kids... :) – Solar Mike Oct 4 at 19:37
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    Anecdotical as the other. There was train tracks to the main station of my home town below my windows (living on the 7th floor)with the parking lot in between. I slept realy well as a kid. – MakorDal Oct 10 at 12:01

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