I have a 5 year old kid, he is pre-schooler. I am not able to make him sit and write his home work. He is very good in oral, but why he is not willing to write I don't know. How to make him write? He always wants to play with toys only.

  • Could you please add some more details? How long does it take you kid to do the writing homework every day on average? What would be a few typical tasks (for example, write X, Y)? Does he do any other homework that does not involve sitting and writing? What does your child like doing (reading, having you read to him, making things, nature, tinkering with electronics, etc)? – Timur Shtatland Jul 25 '19 at 17:52

If he only plays with toys maybe you should transform the homework in a toy.

A magnetic whiteboard could help here but I don't really think it is necessary. I don't have any precise examples here since I don't know what his homework is but I suppose it's nothing too crazy if he's/she's only .

I don't like writing either and I can understand him, if you're 5 you have other things to do than writing down some unmeaning letters and numbers.

Try to be creative, don't ask him to do his homework, prevent using the word homework, it can be hard but by finding a way to transform homework in a toy should work.

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