My 1-year-old son is only sleeping for 1.5 - 2 hours at a time. He is breastfed and we co-sleep.

I have seen similar posts on here and they recommended gentle sleep training and I have come to the conclusion that it is what I need to try, but I live in a one bedroom and don't have a space for him to get used to his own room and space. I have a pretty large room and I'm open to trying to set up his space in it and maybe add a curtain to give the feel of a separate space.

Also from what I have read having a consistant pre sleep routine and and bedtime is important but my husband works late most days and I don't think I can get that routine down.

Is there anyone in a similar situation who has had success? Any tips?

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    Is there any other room at all? In a one bedroom apartment, I might put the child in the living room. – Matt Samuel May 3 at 9:33
  • Are you breastfeeding at the breast or via a bottle? – goodguy5 May 6 at 13:55
  • No other room and breastfeeding and the breast – Alyssa Van Der Linden May 6 at 22:06
  • Could you expound on why you cannot establish a bedtime routine? Take a bath, cuddles, read a book... Isn't this actually easier without your husband around? Put a sign on the door at bedtime, indicating Baby is asleep, so visitors don't ring the doorbell and husband will enter quietly. – Douglas Held May 9 at 10:09
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    Also: do you have an indication what causes your baby to wake? In our case it was always for more food and/or boobs. Do you think the baby is waking from noise and disturbance? Light? – Douglas Held May 9 at 10:10

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