We're an expat family from Hungary living in the Czech Republic. Our oldest child is almost five years old. She's in kindergarten for 8 hours. She was born here already and started daycare at 1.5 years old at a Czech provider.

At the time I (probably naively) thought that learning Czech would be easy since she started really early. Well, it might be easy for others, but apparently not for my daughter. When she was smaller, it wasn't a big issue for her, but now at almost five years old, she is really bothered by understanding very little of what her teachers and peers are trying to tell her.

She started speaking Hungarian fairly late, too, so languages, in general, may be difficult for her (to be fair, both languages must be pretty difficult for a child...). By now she speaks Hungarian well: she has a good vocabulary, but problems with grammar here and there.

We're trying to help her with teaching words, but honestly, we're nowhere near the level to be really useful. I tried to check how much Czech she understands from cartoons, and even though she complained about not understanding much in kindergarten, it seemed to me she, in fact, does understand a lot. She just hasn't reached yet the level of being able to fluently use sentences. I'm not sure how we can better help.

She seems to have developed low self-esteem and some anxiety as a result. As there aren't too many foreigners living in the country, local schools and teachers do not really have much experience or know how to treat kids who don't speak Czech at home, so as parents we are pretty much on our own in trying to figure out what works for her. Some teachers used to try their luck in English with her because they thought we were using that at home, and thereby added to the confusion.

Any tips or experiences are appreciated, either regarding learning the language or helping her cope emotionally.

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