I was kicked out of volleyball carpool by a mom who’s daughter convinced her mother my daughter was not being nice to her. The little girl who is 11 years old neglected to tell her mother that she and 2 other girls on the team like to make fun of and cause problems at practice. My daughter went to the coach about it. Suddenly I was booted out of carpool because my kid is treating her kid badly. I had to laugh out loud about that when it was my kid that had to address the coach about her daughter. I chose to just not make a big deal about being kicked out because after that incident we were trying to figure out how to get out of carpool. What has got me a little upset is the other moms stayed together and they kicked me out. Now I have to face these moms at practice and tournaments. The mom also said she heard I was irritated with her daughter. I was irritated with her daughter on the last day I drove carpool because the kid who I have driven to practice for 3 months did not show up at the designated spots after school for me to take her to practice making everyone late. When we finally located her ( 15 min later) I asked her where she was and what happened and got NO explanation! I said in my not so nice Mom voice GET IN THE CAR. I was very upset because at the end of the day I am responsible for her safety and getting her to practice on time! I was like what kind of game is she playing here? She was formulating the plan to get me kicked out of carpool is what she was doing. I feel weird because this has never happened. Also these moms have asked me to take their kids to tournaments at 6:00am because they can’t make it on time and they know I am always punctual. That will never happen again. I just feel super stupid about getting kicked out by moms that live in my neighborhood, that my kid goes to school with their kids and they play on the same club volleyball team. Horrible.

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    If you're wondering how to face other adults, perhaps you can ask on Interpersonal Skills.SE. – anongoodnurse 2 days ago
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    Hi, and welcome to parenting.SE! Unfortunately, your question is both hard to read (wall of text, no paragraphs, rather long), and not a question fit for this site - as it is about how to deal with other parents, not about the parent-child relationship. As anongoodnurse indicated, your question is probably on-topic on interpersonal.stackexchange.com - however, do read their guide on asking questions, and re-word approriately. – sleske 2 days ago

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