Our son is really a good boy listening to first time on everything and doesn’t cry but recently he had been opposite. I m not strict but his mom is strict and recently my wife started a part time job since 3-4 months and he stays that time with his grandma and uncle. What I have noticed is that he started using mobile for games (because other relatives' kids when they come over play on mobile so he cried that he wanted too so grandma and his mom get him which I oppose) and also he is crying when coming back home from grandma, but his recent change in mood has worried me. He won’t listen to me over and over even after repeating until I scare him that I will take away his iPad or turn off TV. In comparison he is quick to listen to his mom.

My frustration is why the sudden change of me repeating over and over again but he is not listening or crying to his mom. What is going on?

  • Can you identify the situation surrounding his "selective hearing"? Does it happen only when he is playing games on a device? Are calling to him from across the room, or do you get his attention first? Do his cousins behave the same way with their games? (In other words, did he learn this behavior from them?) – elbrant Jan 13 at 2:20
  • I do not call from another room or across. We are in the same room. Yes and no to his "Selective hearing" when playing games on mobile. He would rather tell me to wait and same thing after 5-10 min. As for his cousin, there parents don't bother as they literally give the mobile or "12 hours cartoon" to get them busy and it is not until someone cry that anyone of the parent pays attention. Yes and no to the fact he learned it from them, but thing is u cannot tell other's child not to something coz ur own child is getting spoiled (i.e. not use mobile), All I wanna know why my son is so agitated – Nofel 2 days ago
  • I'm not attacking you. I'm just trying to understand the situation. – elbrant 2 days ago

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