I'm a teen mom and my 19-month-old baby girl is so picky she barely eats baby foods. Everytime she sleeps during the day or night when she wakes up all she wants is milk. I’ll have to wait when she’s hungry later to give her real food which sometimes she doesn’t eat. I need help and suggestions on what to give her as solids that she might like as a baby please...

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Better stop milk, in the morning give her some water and then solid food. I think she likes only the taste of milk. Even though she cries, tell her there is no milk and give her solid food. Once she starts eating solid foods then give milk after food. Try egg rice, dal rice. Milk is heavy, it fills you up.


I transitioned my son off "baby foods" by giving him the baby cereal mixed with vegitable beef soup (concentrate). He got a variety of (soft) vegitables with well cooked meat. If your daughter is full from solid foods, she is less likely to be dependant on milk.

I would like to add, when she wakes and you think she only wants milk, she might really want to be held so she can wake up slowly. Distract her with a pacifier, bottle of water, or some milk that's thinned with water, even a saltine, while calming her. Then make her something that will fill her up. Some of it should be finger foods that she can explore and eat on her own. You will (both) get through this.


It's say she's normal, not picky. By 19 months she should be on regular foods, cut up. You try some of that baby food and you'll see why no one likes baby food ( except Apple sauce and sweet potato).

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    Even with regular food she’s being picky too I’ve stopped giving her baby food a while ago. – mariana Jan 12 at 15:04
  • You may want to update your question to indicate that. Also quantify how much she does eat. – pojo-guy Jan 12 at 17:26

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