What is the youngest age a child can learn the violin? I want to teach my son and daughter the violin and saxophone. As a person who played the sax and piano I know they can’t blow hard enough for the sax. As far as the piano I’m looking for the right 88 key already. I want them to learn the violin and cello first.


This depends alot on your children. There are many examples of children starting at age 3 and becoming very successful, even virtuoso. See Brianna Kahane at 7, or Viktor Lin at 10, to see how successful.

But be aware many more gave it up, or failed to develop well.

Please read this related question (may actually be a duplicate) - starting piano at 4 is also mentioned there. And from myself and my own children I know that piano at 6, sax at 7, guitar at 6 and violin at 4 all seemed to work well.

  • Thanks I just read through the reference as well as your response. Your response was insightful. Most of the reference discussed reading music. I as someone who played many instruments I was not able to play the sax for the first few years because I couldn’t hold specific notes long enough(my Kong’s were too small I guess). However, the post doesn’t discuss the violin and cello and what age would anyone recommend a child could learn and grasp such instruments. I mean many factors come into play and I was hoping to get a response-pros and cons from those who have tried and been(un)successful. – Mr. Litty Oct 26 '18 at 13:59

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