My 3-year-old child does not look at the book while colouring, he just goes on looking at others by just keeping his crayon in the book. Also while riding his bicycle he is not watching front. He pedals by looking back to see who is following him. When others are calling him he doesn't respond.

How can I train him to get his attention towards his work? He is going to prekindergarten from June. The staff is advising me to train him to color.

  • If you really expect a 3 year old to concentrate to those standards, that poor kid....He's 3. You can't expect too much. – SiXandSeven8ths Oct 8 at 15:53
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Recently, I have contacted a psychologist, learning & development specialist regarding this issue and he told me that most of the kids are facing the same issue nowadays after that he suggested me some tips and those tips I would like to share with you:- serve them healthy & greens food, fix a routine to follow, set up a compensation method, play focus games, get your child’s way of learning, naps boost concentration and activities to build awareness.

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