My wife is allergic to X. It was recommended to me by an allergist to feed X to my toddler 3 times a week,

The problem is my toddler likes to kiss us on the cheek, and we share similar food (e.g. an apple). If my toddler had traces X in his mouth, it might cause my wife to react when he kisses her (it has happened before when I had traces of X and I kissed her).

My toddler isn't old enough to know how to brush his teeth or rinse his mouth. What are some ways to ensure my toddler doesn't cause my wife to react after consuming X?

  • Could you ask the allergist who recommended this food for your toddler? – aparente001 Nov 24 '17 at 4:48

This should be a good introduction into learning how to do those things that you mention in your last paragraph. Explain to him that even though "X" is yummy to eat, it makes mommy very sick so whenever we eat it and, really, whenever we eat anything, we should practice proper hygiene and wipe our hands and mouth after we eat it.

Teach him how to and help him wash around his mouth. Keep a wet cloth on hand making sure you always follow-up his cleaning until you feel he's thorough enough to not leave traces behind. Teach him how to properly wash his hands. Also, have a plastic cup by the sink to fill with water so he can rinse his mouth out too.

If it gets too bad, talk to your allergist to determine if this procedure of feeding him 3 times a week can be discontinued until he is older and more capable of taking care of his hygiene.

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