I would like to gift a Disney-themed item to a Dutch child (Turning 3 in May). However, I'm buying this present in the USA, so everything will be in English.

Should I stay away from English-speaking plushies or English books, or will it be fine to gift something like this?

I remember having a talking Pooh when I was little and I loved it, so I would love to give something similar.

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    Is it likely that the child will eventually learn English? (From what I know, it seems that a lot of people in Europe learn English to some degree, but having never been there I'm not sure.) Do you think the child will even care?
    – Becuzz
    Commented Oct 20, 2016 at 13:08
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    @Becuzz Yeah she will eventually learn English! I doubt the child cares, she'll probably just see an adorable plushie that makes sounds. I just want to make sure I'm not messing up her learning Dutch language as I have no experience with children at all.
    – Summer
    Commented Oct 20, 2016 at 13:11
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    I'm not sure what could happen (not really having any experience like that), but I can't imagine one talking toy could undo or really disrupt learning her native language. She's surrounded by Dutch all day, everyone (presumably) speaks to her in Dutch and she responds in the same tongue. I can't see one toy undoing all those other influences.
    – Becuzz
    Commented Oct 20, 2016 at 13:42
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    @JaneDoe1337: Young children can easily handle growing up with two different languages and speak them fluently as they grow up.
    – gnasher729
    Commented Oct 26, 2016 at 20:03

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If possible, it would be nice to ask the parents. They may want to delay the introduction to English until formal schooling in order to encourage better usage and avoid undermining primary language acquisition.

If it's not possible to check with them first, it would not be too presumptuous to buy the gift. It's objectively unlikely to have any strong impact on language with few phrases repeated infrequently and I don't think anyone would be reasonably upset with you.

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