My new born is too fast in drinking milk from breast and even feeder. The nipple size of feeder is 1, don't know if they make 0. What should I do? He chokes a lot and scares me. He is 2 weeks old.

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First: don't worry! The fact that he chokes is scary, but it also shows that his body reacts to speed of the milk.

My daughter had a similar issue (the milk came to fast for her to handle properly). We used the following tricks to great effect:

  • Breastfeeding: use a Nipple shield. This enabled her to latch on and drink comfortably.
  • Bottle: we switched to prenatal bottle teat.

Small caveat for the Nipple shield: she became dependant upon it when breastfeeding, so we had to dedicated some time (about a month) to get her off it again. Now she drinks quite happily from the breast.

  • ur answer came handy with our second son born 3 weeks ago. I also found that MAM feeders r best as they are anti-colic.
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    Commented Mar 26, 2020 at 10:27

If the baby is coughing, or spluttering, that means they are simply attempting to maintain his/her breathing whilst breastfeeding; they are not in danger. Suckling and sucking take practice (they are two different mouth motions). Your kid will figure it out.

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    While it is true that choking (coughing/spluttering) results from an attempt to breathe while being nursed, it is incorrect to say that there is no danger; the risk is aspiration. An adult stops drinking and clears the airway. The same should be done for the baby. Eventually, though, they do figure it out. Commented Dec 11, 2015 at 18:33

You want to slow the flow of milk and/or allow the baby to control the flow better, and you can achieve this by playing with the baby's nursing position. First is to use gravity - use breastfeeding positions where the baby is higher than the nipple, like the laid-back/biological nurturing position. To give the baby more control, sit him or her upright on the mom's lap, facing her breast.

I was also told by a breastfeeding consultant that you can reduce the flow by literally holding the blade of your hand firmly on the breast, perpendicular to the nipple.

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