I work part time with a kids after-school group and sometimes use Aesop's fables (which I also love) to teach them various moral values and ideas.

Recently I've been trying to find a story (I'm looking for an Aesop's fable but I'm open to other options) that teaches kids that failure is a normal part of life, not to worry when we fail, and the importance of accepting our mistakes, learning from them, and moving on.

I work with a number of groups ranging from say 6 to 16 and they are Chinese kids (I'm in China) so their English is fairly basic.

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When I taught I often stuck to real world individuals the students would know, but that failed often before reaching stardom or fame. I usually mention; Michael Jordan (Tons of good inspirational videos on YouTube), J.K. Rowling (author tie-in for Aesop), Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Jim Carrey, Bill Gates (Windows or Xbox drop depending on the crowd), and Walt Disney because everyone knows those movies.

If you'd be willing to share the age group I'd be happy to share some content I've gathered on the subject over time.


I work with a number of groups ranging from say 6 to 16 and they are Chinese kids (I'm in China) so their English is fairly basic. Also they wouldn't be familiar with the western "real world individuals" that you mentioned. Though it sounds like a great idea. I guess I should first educate myself on eastern "real world individuals" that Chinese people would relate to. I'd appreciate any materials or content that you have to share.

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