I'm living in Spain and my kid is with my wife back in Brazil for now (they will join me later).

The hardest feeling I have is that I'm not interacting with my kid as much as I would like to, we try some Skype calls and stuff but as hes only 4 yo it's hard to keep his attention.

Do you have any suggestions of things we could do together remotely?

I have created the same question in Expatriates Q&A and was told to create it here too: https://expatriates.stackexchange.com/questions/6477/ways-to-interact-with-my-kid/


I never thought about it before, so here are a few things that just popped into my mind :

  • You can maybe play "hide & seek" : your wife hide the device somewhere while still connected and your kid has to find "you" back
  • sing-a-long
  • with a little organisation you can probably also read him a book (while your wife turns the pages)
  • have him make and send some drawings to you, once you get them you can show him through skype you got it and how glad you are
  • Putting the laptop on the table, you can also probably share a "21th century family dinner"...
  • Thank you for your suggestions! We already do some of these, like dinning together and sing-a-long (when skype helps), also the book reading (as he's 4yo he turns the pages himself), and the drawing thing as well. They were all really nice suggestions (+1), but all of these are activities grabs his attentions for a few minutes only, I'd like to see other suggestions that could make him interested for longer period.
    – Panthro
    Jul 8 '15 at 10:00

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