My kids are very responsive to learning math. I have a math background and they respond to my methods of teaching. But so far I haven't been consistent in terms of frequency and content. I'd like to follow some format so they learn things in the right order. Is there a good online program or book that will provide proper order, examples, problem sets, etc?


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https://www.khanacademy.org/ has a lot of resources. Practice problems, hints, how-to videos.

There is a myriad of open source textbooks out there too. These are mostly college texts, but there are also some high school texts. There are a lot of homeschooling resources out there too.


A math teacher friend of mine recommended Saxon or Singapore. There are a ton of resources available for each. Based on some research I'm going to go with Saxon.


Try ALEKS.COM I've used it in class for a student that had trouble working cooperatively. The program works in conjunction with a super computer to select work sets and refreshers.

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