Okay, I don't mean wrong - I really mean 'sub-optimal' or 'high-effort'

We have managed to raise 3 well adjusted, polite, confident children (so far...one is now a teenager, so we'll see how that goes) through a combination of being very relaxed and laid back where we can, but imparting consistent discipline where necessary (like how to behave in public, respecting property etc)

But we have a friend who is finding it really difficult to bring up their children - who hit, shout, destroy things, and generally misbehave a lot of the time.

When we look after the kids they are as good as gold, because we just don't let them get away with that sort of behaviour, but we see how hard the other parents are having to work - and they seem baffled as to how to manage.

How can we help impart the best bits of what we do without sounding smug or clever, while still acknowledging that 90% of what these guys are doing seems right, but just lacking consistency around discipline and behaviour?

It's a very frustrating feeling when we want to help, but not sure we even have a right to.

(and I have read this post, but it refers to a baby, whereas these children are at a very destructive phase - 3 and 5 years)

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