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Why have I been limited to one question per week?

Why am I being told that I can only ask one question per week?

We want you to have a good experience on the site by receiving prompt, helpful vetted answers to your questions. We realize that when you come to ask questions, you're in a bit of a hurry, because you're looking for an answer to help you get your work done. This has resulted in a history of questions that have been poorly-received by our community - so we're asking you to slow down until you've learned to ask better questions.

How can I get answers to my urgent questions then?

You can search! Many questions have already been asked and answered - finding and learning from those answers saves both of us time. This is also a great time to dig into our advanced search features to find questions to answer, which also lets you practice how to search before asking additional questions.

Can I request that this block be lifted, or to allow more questions per week?

We're sorry, but we can not manually lift or modify these restrictions, contacting us will not help. We've given you the best guidance that we can, we're glad to see that you've changed your mind and wish to become part of our community, but we need you to become a bit of an established member before we can take more than one question per week from your account.

Deleting your account, or creating multiple accounts will also not help. If you attempt to circumvent these restrictions, you risk not being able to use the site at all for quite some time, and put the use of the site by your co-workers in serious jeopardy. You can lift this block in just a few days with a bit of effort and some good answers, please don't try to get around it any other way.