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What kind of meats are safe to feed to a 13-month old?

My 13-month old boy is transitioning from jars of Gerber Baby Food to table food. He does very well on toast and cheerios and other similar things, but he doesn't much like eggs, and we want to make ...

toddler feeding nutrition  
user avatar asked by Zibbobz Score of 2
user avatar answered by R Davies Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If a pregnant woman's tummy is pressed hard, can the baby in her womb get hurt?

I am 22 weeks in my pregnancy and my baby does kick and stretch at times. Yesterday he poke a limb/head/butt out on my tummy which I could see a firm lump. I showed my friend, and she pressed on the ...

safety pregnancy  
user avatar asked by Win.T Score of 29
user avatar answered by A E Score of 35

What is considered to be a safe age to be a babysitter?

One option for a babysitter is finding an older child (teenager) in your neighbourhood. The benefits are obvious (you get to know the family, so there's more trust). But is it truly safe to leave ...

research babysitting  
user avatar asked by user3143 Score of 18
user avatar answered by Joe Score of 19

What is effect of giving sugar to an infant?

Instinctively I try to avoid giving our 1 year old sugar. However, I don't really understand why it is bad for her. Often when she doesn't want to eat any more savoury food she is more than happy to ...

infant food eating  
user avatar asked by Mongus Pong Score of 16

At what age should a child be able to count to 10?

My daughter currently can. She is 21 months old. What is a typical age for this milestone?

pre-schooler development math milestones  
user avatar asked by BradF Score of 8
user avatar answered by arved Score of 10

12 year old boy is totally out of control

My seventh grader screamed "Fuck you" at me last night. I am at the end of my rope. His behavior is so bad I feel like I need to send him away to a boarding school or something because he is causing ...

behavior pre-teen conflict  
user avatar asked by user27616 Score of 59
user avatar answered by anongoodnurse Score of 57

How can I encourage my 13 month old to stand?

My 13 month daughter has no interest in standing or even putting weight on her feet. We're concerned if she doesn't start trying to stand she won't start walking. Is there anything I can do to ...

infant standing walking  
user avatar asked by Richard Miskin Score of 12

Why is my baby suddenly screaming in the bath?

My baby has always loved bath-time, almost since he was born. He learned to splash when he was only a couple of months old and loves to play around with the water, and over the past few weeks I've ...

infant bathing fears  
user avatar asked by babiesRyummy Score of 24
user avatar answered by Lennart Regebro Score of 18
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