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My husband (her father) jokes/plays in ways my daughter doesn't always find funny, he says he should be able to do it if he wants

My daughter is 5. Sometimes my husband (her father) will try to 'play' with her by pretending to be a lion, going roar and pawing at her in a playful manner. Sometimes she's okay with this and has fun,...

user avatar asked by stan Score of 30
user avatar answered by anongoodnurse Score of 48

Trying to find diaper cover with wipeable exterior

Trying to find diaper covers (for cloth diapers) which are made of a fabric or material which can be wiped off. The ones I've seen on Amazon or other websites seem to all be made with a cotton or wool ...

user avatar asked by Robert Dodier Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

My 4-year-old is wetting the bed a year after finishing potty training

My daughter just turned 4. She has been wetting the bed several nights a week for the last month. She's been potty trained for almost a year and previously hadn't had a night accident in at least 6 ...

pre-schooler communication bed-wetting enuresis  
user avatar asked by kenwarner Score of 5
user avatar answered by superluminary Score of 10

Baby always rolling over and ending up sleeping on his stomach, is it dangerous?

Our 3 months old baby is very keen on rolling over and being on his stomach. Most of the time he automatically rolls over in a few minutes after we put him on his back, including during bed time. Is ...

infant sleep newborn bedtime  
user avatar asked by user69715 Score of 23
user avatar answered by justkt Score of 21

Pros and cons of putting an infant in a Daycare

My kid (not born yet) has both parents working. I have the choice of calling up my father in law to stay at our house to watch the infant of 5 months and I also have the choice of sending the kid in ...

infant daycare working-parents  
user avatar asked by Aquarius_Girl Score of 12
user avatar answered by Ana Score of 8

How should I handle a little boy who likes girls' toys?

I have a 5-year-old boy who likes to play with girl stuff. He doesn't like to dress up or anything like that, he just loves to dress up the Barbies, and he will even help me with my clothes by telling ...

toddler toys lgbtq gender  
user avatar asked by Mariana G. Score of 71
user avatar answered by user1751825 Score of 59

What age is it appropriate to start martial arts?

I would like to send my son to learn martial arts as soon as possible as I believe this would help him gain confidence in his early stages of life (it worked for me when I was an adult) At what age ...

age-appropriate sports  
user avatar asked by juan Score of 39
user avatar answered by HedgeMage Score of 40

What games are good to play with teens in the car?

I will be travelling with two kids aged 15 and 18 in a car this upcoming month, and I would like to play some games in the car with them. I know the game where you look for different license plates,...

travel games teen  
user avatar asked by zompz Score of 8
user avatar answered by Bri Mat Score of 11

How to get a 2-year old to take prednisolone

My 2 ½ year old daughter has come down with croup. She has been prescribed prednisolone which from previous experience is a bitter tasting and therefore difficult medicine to get children to ...

toddler medicine  
user avatar asked by ahsteele Score of 10
user avatar answered by Jax Score of 15
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