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Top new questions this week:

What really counts as screen time?

I know AAP recommends no screen time below 2 years, and we try to follow that. Do these count as screen time for my 15 month old son? We take a selfie, or a regular photo of him and he comes to check ...

toddler screen-time  
asked by learner101 4 votes
answered by Paul Johnson 6 votes

How can I get our baby awake enough to feed and nurse?

We've been told a few times that our situation is ideal, that we shouldn't be worried about it, but our newborn (going on two weeks Wednesday) seems content to sleep for hours at a time, only really ...

sleep feeding  
asked by Sean Duggan 3 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 3 votes

How to get rid of toys without upset?

My son is 5 soon 6 and going to kindergarten with childcare up till 5pm weekdays. We have small lots of duplo that my son will never play with- he has lego and generic chinese block and a block slider-...

asked by user2617804 3 votes
answered by Luke Sawczak 5 votes

How do I deal with abusive parents?

I'm only 13, and since I came back from Mexico (since 4 years) they have been abusive for 5 years. At first, it was all fine but then like 1 week later they became abusive. My parents are abusive my ...

parents pre-teen  
asked by Xitlali 1 vote
answered by SoyokoAnis 2 votes

How to help son overcome stress over the time limit in first exam?

My son is in the 2nd grade (8 y/o) and at school, he doesn't have any exams at all yet. He passed the first stage of a gifted education project, that would greatly help him if he gets into it. The ...

school middle-childhood  
asked by Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard 1 vote
answered by Joe 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I keep my infant from sleeping while bottle feeding?

We've been trying to get our infant on a schedule, but he tends to fall asleep before he's done eating, which makes it challenging, because he doesn't finish, and wakes up hungry too early. It also ...

infant sleep newborn bottle-feeding  
asked by kojiro 12 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 6 votes

Baby always rolling over and ending up sleeping on his stomach, is it dangerous?

Our 3 months old baby is very keen on rolling over and being on his stomach. Most of the time he automatically rolls over in a few minutes after we put him on his back, including during bed time. Is ...

infant sleep newborn bedtime  
asked by user69715 22 votes
answered by justkt 20 votes

Is a Set Bedtime Appropriate for Teens?

For teens, in this case a rising Junior in High School, is it appropriate to set a bedtime for him of 10PM? How does this compare with the majority of teens?

asked by Ryan Lucia 9 votes
answered by Chrys 24 votes

At what age should my baby be expected to support her own head?

I have a 4-month old daughter. Each time she is awake she gets some "tummy-time" where we put her on her stomach on a play-mat, to build up her neck muscles. She doesn't like it that much and ...

infant development  
asked by LeopardSkinPillBoxHat 11 votes
answered by Andrew Brereton 13 votes

2 year old still does not (and has never) slept through the night

In his now 26 months of life, he has probably slept all the way through the night 15, maybe 20 times. They seemed to be an irregularity, never happened two nights in a row. He is a easy as pie to ...

asked by CoolUserName 15 votes
answered by Chris 8 votes

What light colors will help calming down before bedtime?

I just bought a color led strip (like similar to this one) and installed it so that the ceiling can be lit with any color. We're making experiments on which color would have better effects on calming ...

sleep bedtime  
asked by woliveirajr 9 votes
answered by MJ6 14 votes

Have I lost my daughter?

She's currently sixteen and I feel like I have lost her. When she was younger she used to be a sweet, caring and understanding girl, but then she entered middle school and everything changed. She didn'...

asked by Estela 64 votes
answered by dgo 78 votes
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