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Top new questions this week:

Breastfeeding but periods have started after 2 months. What's going on inside the body?

I'm curious to know I have periods just after a month of C-section. I'm fully breastfeeding my baby. Now he's 2.5 months old. Does periods happening decrease the production of breast-milk?

health breastfeeding milk c-section menstruation  
asked by Asaprab 6 votes
answered by Stephie 15 votes

How to child-safe a ball faucet

We've got a ball faucet1 in our kitchen, and a toddler (2 years, 10 months) who is really into playing in water and strong enough to haul around chairs - so we're regularly having to get her out of ...

asked by Morgen 4 votes
answered by Pam 3 votes

How to help my 7-week old son get comfortable when we put him down

My son is turning 2 months old next week, and lately we've noticed he has trouble getting comfortable when we put him down in his bassinet/crib. It starts out alright, he looks sleepy after we feed, ...

infant sleep swaddling  
asked by Zibbobz 4 votes
answered by Timur Shtatland 6 votes

My 5 years old being very difficult

My son is almost 6 and is very choosy and in everything he cries, I saw him playing in school (as U.K. school doesn't allow parents to go in and see their kids) but now I came to my home country and ...

behavior conflict habits  
asked by localhost 2 votes
answered by Paul Johnson 2 votes

Raising a quadrilingual child

My husband and I are aiming to raise a child who’d speak 4 languages natively (I’m a native speaker of Ukrainian and Russian, my husband is Japanese, and we are both proficient in English and use the ...

asked by Enguroo 2 votes
answered by Hilmar 2 votes

Introducing English to toddler later than planned. Whats the right approach?

We're an already bilingual household, none of which is English. Parents speak the primary language, and grandparents speak the secondary language (who visit frequently and babysit) Our son (21 months ...

toddler language-development bilingual  
asked by learner101 2 votes
answered by Timur Shtatland 3 votes

Creating focus and thought processes in young boys

My boys (aged 7 and 9) have had issues with self-reminder and focus. For almost two years now, we have had regular habitual processes to help create the same habitual behaviour in them, but we are ...

attention reward focus  
asked by Ben 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How soon until I can take my newborn to take a walk outside?

I understand that newborn's immune system is still weak and crowds/strangers are to be avoided. Knowing this, how soon can I take my newborn outside, for example to take ~1 hours walk in a non-crowded ...

infant newborn health outdoor  
asked by user69715 30 votes
answered by MJ6 31 votes

How to get my younger sister to listen?

Not a parent but a big sister to an 8yo, I'm about ten years her senior. Mom has left for a month (caring for her parents) and with dad working it's up to me to make sure my sister is doing ok. Every ...

behavior middle-childhood  
asked by cassadia.68 45 votes
answered by Joe 51 votes

What age is it appropriate to start martial arts?

I would like to send my son to learn martial arts as soon as possible as I believe this would help him gain confidence in his early stages of life (it worked for me when I was an adult) At what age ...

age-appropriate sports  
asked by juan 38 votes
answered by HedgeMage 40 votes

How long can a 3-month-old go without eating?

My 3-month-old son has started sleeping through the night, with a vengeance. He sleeps for hours. And when he finally wakes up and I expect him to be starving, he's often still ready to happily play ...

infant sleep feeding eating  
asked by luckiestMom 12 votes
answered by Torben Gundtofte-Bruun 13 votes

Why is my baby suddenly screaming in the bath?

My baby has always loved bath-time, almost since he was born. He learned to splash when he was only a couple of months old and loves to play around with the water, and over the past few weeks I've ...

infant bathing fears  
asked by babiesRyummy 23 votes
answered by Lennart Regebro 18 votes

How do you raise an intelligent and happy daughter in a sexist world?

I don't have enough space to explain my reasoning. I just don't want my daughter to be influenced by the media or the general opinions of "society". My daughter is a baby in my womb. I've decided no ...

television homeschooling gender emotional-well-being self-esteem  
asked by Anna 54 votes
answered by quetzy 382 votes

How do we get our toddler to gain weight?

Our toddler isn't gaining weight, and our doctor told us to fix it. We stopped breastfeeding and she gained a kilo in just two weeks, but since then (soon two months) she hasn't gained anything again, ...

toddler nutrition weight  
asked by Lennart Regebro 9 votes
answered by Lennart Regebro 4 votes
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