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Top new questions this week:

Supporting kid in innovation

My 5-year old son likes doing his side work apart from the usual homework. I am trying to understand what's more interested in or good at, so I can support him with tools and apps. In recent weeks, ...

primary-schooler development education arts-and-crafts  
asked by arilwan 3 votes
answered by Timur Shtatland 2 votes

As a parent, what do I need to do when my adult child leaves home?

My firstborn will leave home soon and is off to study at a university a few hours away from home. Being a first, this is quite a new situation for me. What we (mostly she herself) have done so far is: ...

adult-child germany  
asked by AnoE 2 votes
answered by Karlokick 1 vote

7 y/o suddenly completely loses it

Our 7-year-old son (elder sibling of two) just started school this summer and can be described as a intelligent, pleasant and independent person. Normally, we trust him to be home alone for some 10 ...

behavior primary-schooler  
asked by David Woitkowski 2 votes
answered by dxh 1 vote

Does 3 year old miss mother who left 20 months ago from his lfe

My now 3-year old grandson's mother left the family home when he was 18 months old and has visited him at his home for a couple hours about every 6 weeks or so. She doesn't show much interest in the ...

asked by Diane Terrell 2 votes
answered by A.bakker 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

12 year old boy is totally out of control

My seventh grader screamed "Fuck you" at me last night. I am at the end of my rope. His behavior is so bad I feel like I need to send him away to a boarding school or something because he is causing ...

behavior pre-teen conflict  
asked by user27616 57 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 56 votes

Baby always rolling over and ending up sleeping on his stomach, is it dangerous?

Our 3 months old baby is very keen on rolling over and being on his stomach. Most of the time he automatically rolls over in a few minutes after we put him on his back, including during bed time. Is ...

infant sleep newborn bedtime  
asked by user69715 22 votes
answered by justkt 20 votes

Should a teenager coming out of quarantine be held responsible to clean up after themself?

My almost 15 year old son recently had to spend 10 days in the basement, due to a member of his school testing positive for COVID-19 (he tested negative). During that time he had the run of the whole ...

discipline teen hygiene  
asked by Simona 38 votes
answered by Joe 48 votes

How quickly do I need to change my newborn with a dirty diaper?

How quickly do I need to jump on changing a dirty diaper? What are the downsides of waiting vs getting right to it? I have two specific scenarios in mind: I'm holding my son during the day time, ...

sleep diaper  
asked by yossarian 32 votes
answered by Torben Gundtofte-Bruun 26 votes

Why does my baby grind her face into my shoulder?

During episodes of fussiness, my 6-week-old daughter has started grinding her face into my chest or shoulder. She shakes vigorously from side to side like she's trying to burrow out the other side. ...

infant behavior  
asked by ajk 36 votes
answered by Charles 35 votes

The teacher erased 3 pages of my 5 year old's completed homework

I have a 5-year-old smart child. He does his homework as neat as he can. Yesterday, he stayed up for an hour doing 3 pages of homework as good as he can and today when checking his copy-book, I found ...

pre-schooler homework teacher fine-motor-skills  
asked by Dina Abdelhamid 148 votes
answered by Wildcard 149 votes

Why would a child hold his breath regularly?

My 3 yo holds his breath throughout the day. He'll breathe in (short), hold it for 3-7 seconds, then breathe out (short) and repeat that frequently. He does this when he's awake, but probably not ...

health breathing asthma  
asked by Javid Jamae 7 votes
answered by Javid Jamae 16 votes
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