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comment When should kids be allowed to walk/bike to school alone?
@AdamV - The likelihood of kidnappings is low in the US, but much higher in certain other countries. There are a lot of other risks whose degree of severity and likelihood varies. Auto/pedestrian accidents happen thousands of times a year, and are extremely bad in some countries. Bullying/assault is a huge deal in many areas, I was personally assaulted by other students multiple times walking home from school when I was in middle school here in the US. Peer pressure can convince kids to detour from going home to get involved in illegal activities (e.g. vandalism, petty theft).
comment What type of tracking technology is practical for young children?
@mxyzplk - I think it's quite presumptuous of you to insinuate that this problem doesn't apply to me. It is a real problem I'm concerned with. I've had the fear of losing one of my children or having them kidnapped. I want to know if there are any technologies out there for tracking them. In addition I think it's an issue that is very important for many other parents.
comment What type of tracking technology is practical for young children?
@jpatokal - The fact that you're trying to personalize it validates that location context matters. I used to live in Houston, but that's besides the point. The point is that the question is very relevant to a large population of the world and this site doesn't cater to a US-only audience. Dying in a motorcycle accident is an "irrelevant risk" for someone who doesn't ride motorcycles. It's very relevant to someone who does. If the question doesn't apply to you, just move on. Many people do care and don't carelessly view discovering better ways of protecting their kids as an "irrelevant risk".
comment What type of tracking technology is practical for young children?
@jpatokal - Maybe where you live, but kidnapping and human trafficking are very serious issues in countries like Mexico, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Lebanon. And the statistics you read are unreliable because in many of these countries, the large majority of cases go unreported. Regardless, I don't buy in to your zero-probability fallacy. If there is a low-cost, safe, and easy way to track my kids in the case of an emergency, why would I not utilize it? I didn't know if there was such a way, hence the question.
comment What to buy to prepare for the arrival of a new baby?
@Ze'evFelsen We coslept with all of our kids for the first 12-18 months, so we didn't need a crib immediately. But we had a crib and a toddler bed we used later on.
comment What are general causes of clumsiness in toddlers?
Yes, always clumsy, and still ongoing. It's probably a genetic inner-ear issue. We'll look into the maneuvers, that seems promising. Thanks.
comment Why would a child hold his breath regularly?
I just want to note that if someone else's child is going through something like this, you shouldn't listen to the ill-conceived notions that he/she is doing it for attention or because they find it interesting or relaxing. I've covered all of this with several ENT specialists during our dealings with this matter and they've all told me that based on these types of symptoms, a psychological cause is almost definitely not the case. Get it checked out, and go with your gut when you feel like there is something wrong, because you're probably right.
comment What is a positive way to handle a boy who acts like a girl?
I'll give you a +1 if you provide some information to back up the claim that "There is very little correlation between effeminate behaviour in boys and homosexuality".
comment What are some suggestions for punishing a child?
@ChristineGordon - Ever heard of Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
comment How do you deal with a 9 year old not doing their homework?
@ChristineGordon - I'm not saying you should ignore the fact that its hard, I'm saying that you shouldn't use negative language to describe it as such. Describing something as a fun challenge and showing passion and energy to solve problems is quite different than saying "I know this is hard". I think the former is an essential tool and the latter (despite showing empathy) is utterly useless and has no positive impact on learning.
comment Is there any scientific evidence in favor of co-sleeping with children?
-1: Doesn't answer the question.
comment How do you feed a picky eater?
-1: I'd like to see you reference some scientific studies that show that children can look at food for a split second (the typical care/reasoning that goes in to deciding they don't want to eat something) and determine that they have a chemical sensitivity. I could be wrong, but the fact that a child (or human) can determine through their senses that they have an allergic or chemical sensitivity seems pretty far fetched. I have food allergies that developed as I got older, and my body never gave nor currently gives me any indication based on sight, taste, or smell.
comment What are the pros and cons of having an advanced student skip Kindergarten?
This is a really good point. A better decision might be to let them go to Kindergaten, acclimate socially, then decide to skip 1-2 years down the line if it makes sense.
comment When flying with an infant, what airport security restrictions for breast milk/formula/baby food apply?
I vote to close. This is too localized and time-sensitive. The rules change frequently and are never consistent across countries.
comment Should we freeze some breastmilk for later use even if there's no excess supply?
How old is your baby?
comment How do I explain regional differences in language?
You don't have to do it with every book..
comment How do I deal with a child that refuses to do a chore or task?
-1: provides a good counterpoint to another answer, but never answers the original question
comment What do I do about the fact that my child can already read, write and do math before entering Kindergarten?
What's the questions!? Asking for general advice on a hypothetical situation does not make for a good question on this site. What do you want to know specifically?
comment What should I teach my teenager about condoms?
-1: This doesn't even try to answer the question. I'm not asking for how to guide my child in his sex life, I'm asking specifically how to explain use of condoms.
comment Is this excess phlegm and throat clearing a sign of lactose intolerance?
I vote to close. This is a general health question and really has nothing to do with parenting a child.