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comment When is it safe to start letting our children go into relationships?
-1: I find the sexist split here very old-fashioned and close-minded for a self-proclaimed 'lefty'. Why do only boys get counseled on rejection in these lists? Can't girls pursue? Why do only girls get tutored on recognizing coercion, and only boys on avoiding those behaviors? Can't girls be coercive, and boys coerced? Can't boys have hurt feelings, and need to talk about something abhorrent to parents? And where are links to these studies you claim back you up that "these methods" work better at delaying pregnancy and sexual initiation? I've seen the opposite information out there.
comment What do I do about the fact that my child can already read, write and do math before entering Kindergarten?
Not down-voting, but I was in the "do nothing" category and things didn't go well for me socially either. I've seen kids who had good experiences skipping ahead who were socially advanced. Not all academically bright kids will have their social skills lag their academics, and being kept in a dull class isn't going to help build social skills IME. My situation had a happy ending - I live in WA state, USA, and there is an early college program called Running Start that finally got me into a great environment for both social and academic development (fulltime college).
comment How do I make sure I don't mix up identical twin newborns?
We brought nail polish in case our twins turned out to be identical. It turned out we didn't need it (they looked very different, obviously fraternal), but I'm glad it was there. We also tended to dress them in different colors - both girls, I. was dressed in yellow and green, and L was dressed in purple and blue. This helped our relatives tremendously.