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comment How can I make my kids passionate in science while being religious?
Newton, Galileo and Kepler would all be better examples of religious scientists.
comment Should I really be insisting that my daughter finish eating her meal?
It seems like encouraging kids to "leave a clean plate" is probably not a good idea either, since a common problem with obesity is that people will eat their entire meal, even it's much larger than they need. Letting kids know that they don't have to do that might help.
comment Toddler always get close to the TV, might it point on bad eye sight?
Why not just let her sit near the TV?
comment Do parents of teens need to lock their liquor cabinet?
This was basically my experience growing up. Alcohol was around, but I never had any interest in drinking it, but that may just be because my parents weren't really interested in drinking either.
comment As an atheist, how should I explain theism to my children?
When they're old enough, it's probably even better to get your kids to do the research themselves (and then go over it with them to make sure they're not just confirming what they want to believe).
comment As an atheist, how should I explain theism to my children?
I'm not religious, but I'd advise against saying "God is imaginary", since it comes across as more argumentative/insulting than the simpler "God isn't real" (it's a bit too close to calling God an "imaginary friend"). Your kids will probably copy your phrasing, so less argumentative is better.
comment For toothbrushing a one year old (who eats the toothpaste) should we be using fluoride paste or not?
From the same Wikipedia article you linked to: the only clear adverse effect is dental fluorosis, which can alter the appearance of children's teeth during tooth development; this is mostly mild and is unlikely to represent any real effect on aesthetic appearance or on public health.[10] The critical period of exposure is between ages one and four years, with the risk ending around age eight. So no, this is actually the one time they should be paying attention to flouride levels.
comment Why should children be rewarded for good behaviour?
@Olie Expecting kids to understand that "belonging to a family" is a reward is a little ridiculous. My parents tried that when I was a kid, and it made me resent being in a family, because any time I was reminded of "how great being in a family" was, it was because I couldn't do something I wanted to do (and I clearly had no choice in the matter). Just going with the "it's the right thing to do" angle is much easier to understand.
comment How do I get my daughter to spend less time at the computer?
Why? If your kid doesn't want to do anything else, it sounds like you need to help them find other things to do, not take away the one thing they do like.
comment Should we circumcise our son?
@JSBangs: Were you really worried about your baby getting AIDS before they're old enough to make the decision for themselves? :p
comment How do I reduce the time my child spends playing computer games?
I'm not sure what the advantage of a book over a video game is. There are worthless books and intellectually stimulating video games. I know I find RPGs more interesting than fantasy novels sometimes, and the only difference is format.