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comment Three year old gags when he tries new foods
Mine is turning 3 this month. Same thing. She can eat, when she wants to. New food....well she's puked on herself twice in the last week. She feels really bad about it. We try to ask her what she WANTS to eat (thats not junk food) and we really dont get a response. So yeah, upvote on the question.
comment Why does my child squirm so much while bottle feeding?
I'll try the "arm hold". Sitting up totally works sometimes.
comment How do you decide when it is time to change schools?
This was my experience exactly. We moved a bunch as my Dad changed jobs. It became progressively harder the older I got. By middle school it was downright awful. My parents eventually saw this as swore-off moving. Summer was WAY better because all kids show up feeling weird on the first day of school, even if they know their classmates. As a transfer you're still on relatively similar ground (meeting teachers for the first time, etc.). Moving mid year is no good...again worse as you get older.
comment Why is my daughter pulling at her ear when she is eating?
To worry, or not to worry...this is the question. :) Yeah, I'm trying to blow this one off. It just stinks when they can't talk and you're a clueless parent. Thanks for the perspective.
comment Why is my daughter pulling at her ear when she is eating?
I'll pay attention to what position she's in. The whole sinus connection thing seems plausible, especially since they pretty intensely at that age (sucking every bit of milk). Thanks!