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comment How do you respond to a teenager who has started to smoke?
+1, although I'm not convinced warning them of the long term consequences (ie lung cancer) will do much good. They likely already know about the risks, but the consequences are too far in the future for them to believe it will affect them.
comment What is the best strategy for adjusting an toddler's sleep cycle during Daylight Savings?
+1, clocks went back here last weekend. My son preceded to get up at 5:15 the following morning, and has been really irritable at bedtime ever since.
comment Should I monitor my child's internet usage?
@Torben thanks, moved my own answer. It's also not quite relevant for me yet, but expecting to have to give this some thought in the future.
comment What are some good distractions for an infant?
My 10 month old has something very similar. Bought if for him a several months ago. Initially he was happy just sitting and pressing the buttons, and slowly but surely his progressed to pushing it around. Excellent toy.