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I am the programmer your mother warned you about.

comment How do you respond to a toddler who endlessly says “why?”?
With one little one I know, everyone in the family has a different one-word answer. Mom says "economics," Gramma says "science," I say "math." She will sometimes answer her own "why"s with her companion's favorite one word answer.
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comment How can I prevent my 8-year-old from spending time with his bad friend?
OR... Who you are friends with, and who you choose to associate with, has little effect on your behavior, at least according to one study. Smoking among peers had no noticeable effect on rate of smoking among Black youth and accounted for less than 20% of the variance in smoking rates of other ethnic groups (except Whites). While I believe peer pressure is real, this study is only a good example of that for white people.