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comment Is an “Amber Necklace” effective for helping with teething?
7 weeks old and teething? Are you sure? Seems early to me.
comment At what age can you leave the child in the bathtub?
@swati : if you're going to worry about slipping and falling in your own house, so that you can't get back to the tub in time, why not worry about sudden dizzy spells that can strike without warning and knock you out when your head hits the side of the tub? Life is never risk-free, better make sure TWO adults are always watching the tub. :)
comment At what age does a toddler stop being a toddler?
@JeffAtwood: what gives? How was this question off-topic for EL&U?
comment How can my toddler learn to stay under the blanket at night?
+1 billion from me too. My daughter sleeps on top of her covers a lot. She kicks off the blankets after I put them back on her at night. She used to sleep, curled up in a ball, with her blanket curled up in her hands. No amount of struggling worked, and she was fine. Now that she's 3 1/2, she sleeps under the blankets if it's quite cold. If it's a little cold, no blankets. Doesn't hurt her at all. So I don't worry about it.
comment When upgrading our toddler from a cot to a bed, how do we keep him in his bed?
This is basically what we did for our daughter. (We didn't put the toys away as it wasn't a problem most nights). The gated room (with door open/ajar) let her remain connected to the house/family and call to us easily, but also enforced the idea of sleep time different than play time (no gate during play time). As for staying in bed, we just went through a period of putting her back in bed repeatedly until she got the idea. There are still some nights when she won't stay in bed, but most nights there's no problem.