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comment At what age can a child be left alone in a parked car?
I'd be happy to leave even younger kids in the car for a short time if within sight - i.e. kids within sight not just the car - and if the car is in a safe spot. Only however if they physically can't change any important state of the car such as turn on the engine, release the parking brake etc. Also be aware that if they can get out of the seat they may change settings such as turn headlights on, change radio volume, ...
comment Is it safe to travel by car without A/C when it's hot outside?
If you travel with windows down apply plenty of sun-screen. Due to the fast moving air you will not feel the sun as strongly and can easily get burned. And mentioned before, but can't be mentioned enough: Never leave kids in a closed vehicle when it is hot, even for a short amount of time. This can be, and unfortunately often is fatal.
comment What are the pros and cons of a chicken-pox party vs immunization?
Be aware that in some countries such parties are illegal (as they are seen as intentionally harming and exposing to danger a child) and you could get into serious trouble with child protection agencies.
comment How do you feed a picky eater?
While I agree in principal, it's not quite as easy (from own experience): a) 1-2 days might not be enough ... this can drag on and re-occur; b) While they won't starve to death it will lower their blood sugar levels and can make them extremely irritable and bad sleepers during that time. c) If there is actually a hidden "good reason" why the kid is refusing to eat your food (e.g. allergies, pathological sensitivities etc) this approach is not appropriate (and you won't necessarily know)
comment Is it harmful to a child's social development to tell them “don't talk to strangers”?
Additional reading, "The Kindness of Strangers" by Bruce Schneider: