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comment What is a good age to start teaching a child Ancient Latin and Greek?
I'm the opposite, I took it because I did not have an interest in French or Spanish but ended up hating it. Although I loved it when we did Mythology, which I liked, so I had one semester of good grades. I agree though, when the kids show interest is always a good time.
comment When should I introduce different foods to an infant or toddler?
+1 Agreed. Your pediatrician will have a guideline you can get, mine gave us one after a few check-ups.
comment How do you teach a child religious views?
Agreed -1, works only if you are a Christian.
comment Does using sign language really accelerate a child's ability to speak?
This was my experience, my son has grown up learning Chinese and English but he did not talk until later, the signing helped him get his wishes across to use when he would not speak. It made him a happier kid when he was younger and he still remembers some of it.
comment How do you control the quantity of sweets and junk food a pre-teen eats?
+1 This is exactly what we did, now my older kid knows what is junk food and what is not. He actually prefers water to anything else at this point.
comment Is it cruel to deny laughing gas for a teen getting a tooth filled?
Really? Everytime I get one of those Balloon kits it's Helium, can't remember when I've last seen Laughing Gas since I was 8.
comment Can warm air humidifiers be bad for a child's cough?
If you don't clean them they will get dirty, and you don't just rinse out the container but the coils and everything else. I take ours apart every couple of months to clean it (I would not recommend this unless you love to tinker like me). I know I've voided my warranty but the humidifier is almost 10 years old and I've kept it in good order so I don't have to worry about how unhealthy the steam might be. Keep it in a high, stable place and you can avoid steam burns; though I find that slightly overrated as a danger.
comment What should you do after you've raised your voice at your child?
+1 I do this sometimes, I miss a few times but mostly that's when my son is really just trying to get a reaction out of me. I believe explaining will sometimes go over their head, but kids pick up things and repeat them later so I always think its going to come around in the future.
comment Why do my children cry in my wife's arms but are quiet with me?
+1 for both's what I would have expected and experienced.
comment What are some do's and dont's for an effective bedtime ritual?
+1, I've been doing the same thing, now when the kids have to be in bed but don't want to sleep the ask for Mom and not me.
comment What is the best way to calmly respond to a pre-schooler who will not listen?
+1 for the patience and consistency, it's what I try to do with my boys and I think the best way. Just takes repeating until it sinks in...I'm hopeful one day it will then on to the next challenge.
comment How do I get my overachiever to accept her mistakes and live up to her abilities?
+1 I have had this happen with my son, he tries to do something then complains "it's too hard!". I tell him to stick with it, and practice and it will eventually work itself out, then point out things he can do that he practiced and does well. As you note, I've done this over and over again
comment What are some coping strategies to deal with infant allergies?
We thought he was too young to go for the check, and after my last pediatrician we did not ask; our current one is great so I will check with her. We're pretty sure its airborne since it doesn't happen all the time, even at home. I had run the humidifier a couple times, and that helped but hadn't done the HEPA yet.
comment Diaper rash: if properly treated how long will it last?
I've had good luck with the Balmex Clear Ointment, put a little on every time you change a diaper and I've never seen rash with either of my two kids (my oldest never had it, and my one year old has yet to have it). Great stuff! I just wish more stores carried it as I would prefer to prevent this than have to treat it.