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I constantly try to expand the little I know about programming.

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comment How can I increase the numeracy of a toddler?
Our daughter, being 2, had a problem counting more than two things: she'd take first object in one had, second object in the other hand, and literally failed to grasp the third. Now that she's 2.5 she can reason about 3 or 4 objects but often has hard time telling 3 from 4. With this, she can recite counting to ten in two languages. It just doesn't map to objects easily.
comment How can we teach a toddler to use first person and second person point of view in speech?
Thanks, it's a good idea; she talks 'for' some toys a lot, and even talks to them 'by phone'.
comment How to get a child to stop pretending to choke on foods he doesn't want to eat?
This can work, too! This very much depends if this is demonstrative behavior. Does it start only when parents turn to him?
comment How do you find great reading material for a child whose reading ability is far outstripped by his/her comprehension?
Yes, yes, the Bromeliad Trilogy was a huge success with our son when he was 8 and wasn't yet good at reading. It has enough deep ideas under the crust of a children's tale plot.
comment Is bribing children with cash incentives a good idea?
+1: pay for special achievements, don't pay for what must be a norm.